When his grandmother Ella becomes increasingly confused and his grandfather Sönke simply doesn't want to part with his pub, the Dorfkrug, 47-year-old Ingwer Feddersen sees the time has come to return to his home village Brinkebüll. The village tavern isn't what it used to be - but that's also true for the whole village. Ingwer wonders when exactly was the point in time when the village of Brinkebüll went downhill? Was it in the 1970s when the hedges disappeared after the land consolidation and then the birds too? When larger and larger farms were built so that smaller ones had to give way? Is it perhaps his fault because he left his grandfather alone with gastronomy to study in Kiel? Based on Dörte Hansen's 2018 novel of the same name.

Palabra clave:
Mittagsstunde 2022


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