Kisah Tanah Jawa: Pocong Gundul

HAO has retrocognitive ability, an ability to see past events. With his ability, Hao helps SARI, a vocational school student, who was kidnapped by ‘Pocong Gundul’ - a evil pocong figure with a bald head. Together with his best friend RIDA, Hao manages to save Sari, but Hao's actions ignites anger from the Pocong Gundul. Terror after terror threatens Hao's life. With his ability, he travels into Pocong Gundul's past and finds out that in his past, he was a black shaman named WALISDI. An evil man who performs a dangerous ancient ritual, a ritual that turns him into ‘Pocong Gundul’. If Hao does not do anything, Pocong Gundul will roam around and take more victims. Hao must do his best to stop Pocong Gundul's evil plan, even though his life is at stake.


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